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Gas limit: 200000
Minimum: 0.1 ETH
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DO NOT send funds directly from your cryptocurrency exchange account or you will lose your tokens. This address must be for an ERC20 compatible wallet.

Note: REST tokens are not an investment vehicle of any kind and do not pertain in any way to an offering of securities in any jurisdiction. Ownership of REST carries no rights express or implied. Participants should have no expectation of influence over governance of Relest.


What is Relest? is a real estate rental auction. Landlords publish offers and potential tenants bid to rent the real estate. In addition to the auction format, the platform also allows for regular rental offers. The service is available via a website and Android/iOS apps. The system allows potential tenants to calculate travel time from the property to a required geolocation, i.e. the office, work out the ideal price for the real estate based on data analysis, see 3D photos of the space, access an account area to share utility bills and communicate with the landlord, as well as other functionality. The account area and chat service are subscription-based.

The platform will offer the ability to pay using its own cryptocurrency (REST), which can be converted into fiat currency onto a card and back in the account area. Operations with fiat currency can be executed using a tied bank card, with currency exchange facilitated through integration with a cryptocurrency exchange. The platform's competitive advantage is payment using REST which is free of fees and commissions, unlike wire transfer.

Relest Features

Auction platform
The system is beneficial for both landlords, tenants, and realtors
360° photo gallery
Useful features such a 3D images of the rooms
Travel time calculation
Calculation of the trip time
User area
User account for exchanging receipts for services and chatting between the landlord and the tenant
Auto-generated contract
The system is can do that
P2P payments
Payments with the Real EState Token - REST without any fee, that can be converted into fiat money on a bank card and vice versa in the user account
Android / Web / iOS
Web platform, iOS and Android applications



  • Total Supply: all tokens sold during ICO will be equated to 70% of all issued REST
  • One REST token = 0,001 ETH
  • Ethereum ERC20 standard


  • The first 2 hours: 1.5 REST = 0.001 ETH (+50%)
  • The 1st day: 1.3 REST = 0.001 ETH (+30%)
  • Days 2-7: 1.15 REST = 0.001 ETH (+15%)
  • Days 8-14: 1 REST = 0.001 ETH


Funds allocation


how it works

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image Anuar Zhilkibagarov CEO, Founder

Anuar has 9+ years of work experience in IT, the last 4 years he worked as a CIO in different companies of the bank and telecommunication sectors of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Anuar was an IT-system architect in these companies. For one them he created the IT-infrastructure from scratch, using high load systems and clustering.

image Daulet Myrzan Lead developer

Daulet specializes in web-programming and design. Created 20+ systems.

Daulet graduated from the International Information Technology University in Almaty, the Republic of Kazakhstan.

image Michael Tarassov Blockchain expert, lead engineer

Michael met with the world of blockchain by mining of bitcoin back in 2010 and since then keeps abreast of new technologies. Michael is also an expert in the system administration - linux, windows, servers, virtualization, clustering and much more.


image Pedro Jordão Advisor

Pedro Jordão, based in Portugal, has decades of international experience in global business strategy, economic growth and investments. He has been president, board member and advisor of corporations and governments. Involved in global economics, security, geopolitics, globalization, innovation, international relations, negotiation, Asian affairs and emerging markets, over time he became head of an international Think Tank and member of institutions like The Asia Society, International Institute of Strategic Studies and Royal Geographical Society.

He has led international research projects and been a speaker on business and global matters in universities, political and economic institutions, NATO, military institutes and intelligence services. He has been a columnist on a wide range of topics (around 800 in various countries). He intervened in mediation of regional conflicts. He got involved in teaching as professor of international business strategy and international affairs in graduation and master courses at 3 universities and lecturing at the National Defense Institute and the Air Force Advanced Studies Institute. His education includes Coimbra University, Harvard Business School, NY Institute of Finance and The Wharton School. This interdisciplinary background supports his strategic insight of next trends and his worldwide network of government and business connections.


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